Welcome to Scratch and Sniff Pet Supplies!

We're a locally owned premium pet supplies retailer located in Jacksonville, Maryland. We partner with devoted
pet parents like you to provide the best possible care for your furred and feathered babies. Our focus is on providing food, treats, and supplements that are healthy and biologically appropriate, and are produced in an ecologically sustainable, and socially responsible manner. We also carry unique toys, leashes, collars, and other accessories. If you can find a product in a big-box store, chances are you won't see it at Scratch & Sniff! Whenever possible, we seek partnerships with small to mid-sized family owned businesses, with an emphasis on local.

Let us help you bring joy and health to your beloved fur babies!

Well-behaved and leashed pets welcome!

Covid-19 Response

Help Us Help Neighbors in Need

If you want to help us support pet parents in financial distress, please consider buying a gift card at the following link or call the store:


Curb Side Pick Up

If you do not want to come into the store because you are practicing social distancing, we are glad to take orders over the phone, and bring your purchases out to your car.


We plan to remain open through this situation, however if we are asked to close, we will still accept phone orders and will arrange delivery to your home.
Check out our Facebook page for latest details.

Monday: 12:00 to 6:30

Tuesday through Friday: 10:30 - 6:30

Saturday: 10:00 - 5:00

Sunday: CLOSED



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